Neopets Adoption

If you are looking to adopt a pet then you need to check out the Neopets adoption center called the Neopian Pound. Neopian Pound was under construction for  a long time because it needed a lot of work; however, it is now open again and is a lot better than what it was before.

The new and improved Neopets adoption center even lets you a safe pet transfer once a month. Lets take a look at the details of the new Neopets adoption center and see what all you can do here.

Neopets Adoption

You can do three different things at the Neopian Pound. You can either adopt a pet, transfer a pet or even disown a pet if you can’t take care of it any longer. We are first going to guide you through the Neopets adoption process because this is the most popular reason many people go to the Neopian Pound.

Adopt a Pet

Neopets makes adopting a pet very easy. They offer thousands of pets for you to adopt and bring home with you. If you have a kind heart and want to give a pet a new home then head over to Neopian Pound and browse the thousands of pets available. The first step to make is to search for a pet within your price range. You can do this by simply browsing or by typing the name of the pet in the search box above the area where the pets are displayed. Next. select the pet that you want to adopt and click on the “adopt” button on the bottom right of the screen. A popup will then appear on your screen asking you to confirm this Neopets adoption.

Not all the pets cost the same to adopt. The price of adoption depends on the pets’ skill stats. To figure out how much each pet will cost use this equation. Attack + Defence + Movement + 60) x Level.

To adopt the limited addition and restriction pets your account needs to be at least four months old.

neopets adoption

Transfer a Pet

If you have multiple Neopets accounts you can now transfer a pet from one account to another once per month safely without having to worry about losing any of the pet’s features. The unique feature of transferring a pet is that you are guaranteed that the pet will reach its new home with any problems. the transfer also ensures you that all of the pet’s features such as the paintbrush colors and all the clothing items. To complete the transfer, the transfer must be accepted from the account that the pet is going to. If it is not, the transfer will not be complete.

The first step you need to do is select the pet you want to transfer then click the “transfer” button below the pet. Then a pop window will appear on your screen asking you who to transfer to. Carefully type in the username of who you want to transfer the pet to and click the “ok” button. The person who the transfer is going to will be notified with an option of accepting or not accepting the transfer. If he or she accepts they will pay the transfer fees.

Disown a Pet

You have guessed it right. The only way that the Neopian Pound exists is by having Neopets players disown their pet. If for some reason you don’t want your pet any more you can send it to the Neopets adoption center. In order to send you pet to the pound you have to pay 250 neopoints and can only abandon one pet per day. To perform this activity just click on the button below your pet until it says “sure?”.

If you haven’t checked out the Neopets adoption center yet and would like to adopt a pet to own then you need to check it out. We hope you enjoy this new feature. Like our Facebook page and subscribe to our YouTube channel for a chance to win cool Neopets prizes from us.